Sunday, December 9, 2012

China trip :) post 5 For MICHELLE KOH XIN YI

I will be going to Qionghai city, Wugong temple, Wamquan river. Not bad. I think I will slim down a lot sick i have been running here and there and everywhere.

Trying to find a present for you, but dont know what to get for you. I think like Cambodia like that , see what buy what. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Btw, im thinking we should meet up more often, like go out or something. You need to get back on your sunshine mode :) I try to take more pictures in China so that i can make you jealous :P hahaha. And i guess, i will be talking to you more often now, since u got no more papers and now only Nua, tsk tsk tsk. I believe you are a good girl right, got exercise etc hor?? This is my last day in China before heading to the airport tmr. hahahahahah.

Hope i dont come back with some local accent, if not i think you will ditch me :( hahaha. Ok la, just wait for me to come back and find you :)

Will be back tmr afternoon :) Looking forward to meet you :)

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

China Trip :) post 4 For MICHELLE KOH XIN YI

 Day 4 in China
at the souvenir shop, hoping to get something meaningful for you and your family. Seem like i'm going to a coffee factory to try out the XINGLONG coffee. Then at night, natural hot spring bath :) nice  but damn, i look fat no wait im fat. Hahahaha. Lets throw that ego aside and enjoy life :)

Oh ya, next time when u are older, I think i bring you to Cambodia to try out the massage :) Hot spring bath should be super relaxing :) and i can sleep in peace now :)

Nothing much today, just more forest museum etc etc.  Looking forward to the spa and well one day i will bring you out for massage :) Hahaha.

Eh, go learn the art of massaging , then when i come back help me :) hahahahaha. I know you love me :P  Ok la, i shall make a it a short post so that you dont stay too long on the computer. Go out, jog and gym.  Stay healthy kay. I dont want to see a sick girlfriend when i come back home. Cos it hurts me to see you in pain and suffering :(

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Friday, December 7, 2012

China Trip :) post 3 for this special one

I guess, i need to clarify to readers (if any) who is the special one :)

Look like bimbo hor?? Dont judge. She is the special girl of my life. Only through her, then i can continue to stay motivated to push on with life. She did a lot of things that make me feel that it is worth pushing on. Thank you Darling :) Happy 2years 3months anniversary <3 p="p"> I know i had been a jerk and thank you so much for tolerating and understanding me. You taught me not to self pity myself and face reality. Let me understand whats patience and love. Everytime after talking to you via phone, i will smile and well it looks silly. Cos i think im a really lucky guy :)

Well since you have seen the worst of me, its time to give you more good things in life. :) I'm still smiling while blogging. Omg SO SHY :P Sorry girl, i dont think i can text you in person cos not sure how China network is :(

Day 3 in China:
Visting parks and more parks . Go to Tea house for the Hainan tea and more sight seeing. I think i will get burn out today. So many places to go and relax at the beach. hahaha. life is good man :P But tiring :P , note to self, buy some tea for your Dad :)

Ok more videos :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

China trip :) post 2 , For this special one :)

Day 2 

Hey Girl,

After breakfast, I'm taking a High speed train ride from Haikou to Sanya. Will be staying in a 5 star hotel btw. With sea view!! hahahaha. Jealous right :P , go there study their history. I think i should be excited but depends if i slept well or not :P

Dont Keep playing maple ok ?? Jio ppl out, go out and enjoy yourself :) Dont be a lazy pig and nua at home :) 2 years of JC really dulled your life, its time to regain back your Sunshine girl character :)

Well, honestly, i wished you were here too :) but then think again, the amount of luggage you need to bring etc, i think need to get a maid over also. hahahaha. :P So far is just sight seeing and all the eco tourism and forest park. I think i will be damn lazy to walk about. So many places to go , i think i might be whining to the tour guide tell he/her wah lau eh so far :P ( sounds familiar ah :P )

Ok la dont sua you already la :P Later you say i bully you. Not sure if my stomach will get used to their food there or not. This sight seeing should give me some time to reflect on my life and what i want to do with it. Well one thing is for sure, no matter what, I will still put you in my priority list. Not just because you are hot/adorable etc. But because of your character. I really dont know how to describe to you your character. Its just too likable.

Talking about likable, reminds me of IKEA somehow. I will bring/pull/drag/kidnap you in a rug sack to IKEA to have lunch. Plus maybe we can shop of furniture for our future home :P (hehehehe thinking too much ). There is so many places i want to bring you, realized we  hardly go out tgt, not that i never date you. But its your fault :P

I think i will really enjoy life without facebook. Too much things to handle on FB and email, needa take a break. Oh ya, and pls pls pls go read up on your econs, i need your help :)

Ok nuff said. More videos :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

China Trip :) update for a special one :)

 Singapore, 4pm, 5th dec 2012

So yeah, I should be in Changi airport now, about time for the plane to take off. Headed to China, Hai Nan Dao.

I think that special person must be busy playing Maple Story, and nua-ing in from of the computer, really sorry that i have to fly off a few days after your major examinations , i also dont know how come my parents get this flight.

Well, to the special one, yes, im going to do daily updates. And this time , its scheduled posting so that you dont peek at the newer post :P

Somehow, this trip reminds me of the Cambodia trip, but shorter. I definitely will miss you and I know i did not fulfill my roles as a boyfriend when you needed me. And i admit, i'm very selfish. But Somehow, due to certain cause and condition, i realized that actually I really really love you a lot. I really cannot imagine life without you. Somehow, it is becoming a commitment and I really wish we can go out more often and enjoy ourselves. Nuff said about the emo stuff, dont want to make you cry.

Looking forward to this trip , wanna explore more and get to see more of the world. Plus my parents are getting on their age, its really difficult to go overseas in the future.

I think i should be bringing along a photo of you for this trip. So that i know there is this special one waiting for me to come back with presents and also to see me.

I dont know whats the weather there and how the locals are over there, will be following a tour group so i think i should be rather safe. :)

Well, shall post some motivational pictures or funny videos to entertain you :)

Ok Thats all for today, Zai jian :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I really hope for the next 2 weeks, you can come to my blog and to read up my posts. I took an extremely long time to complete it. I decide to make this 16post is because maybe for the next 16days (29-17) you might feel lonely and demoralized. So i decided to make this 16 post just to ensure that you are happy daily when i'm not around. Start with the Post 1 :)

All of which are predictions and may not be true. However no harm trying rite.

All the 16 posts, is my gift for you :) for being sure a wonderful girl. Just read one post daily and hopefully it will cheer you up :) all the quotes can inspire you and make you stronger :)

Maybe now when you initially read it ( 28oct) and when you read this again ( as on 13 dec) you might have a different thought about it. :)

Cheers. :)


post 15 and 16

Dear xBabyBolster,

Finally, I'm coming back soon :) can't wait to see you :) I hope your concert was a success and hopefully you enjoyed yourself :)

Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.
George Herman "Babe" Ruth

One who fears failure limits his activities.
Failure is only the opportunity to more
intelligently begin again.
Henry Ford

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.
Elbert Hubbard

Stay strong Piggy is coming home :)