Friday, December 7, 2012

China Trip :) post 3 for this special one

I guess, i need to clarify to readers (if any) who is the special one :)

Look like bimbo hor?? Dont judge. She is the special girl of my life. Only through her, then i can continue to stay motivated to push on with life. She did a lot of things that make me feel that it is worth pushing on. Thank you Darling :) Happy 2years 3months anniversary <3 p="p"> I know i had been a jerk and thank you so much for tolerating and understanding me. You taught me not to self pity myself and face reality. Let me understand whats patience and love. Everytime after talking to you via phone, i will smile and well it looks silly. Cos i think im a really lucky guy :)

Well since you have seen the worst of me, its time to give you more good things in life. :) I'm still smiling while blogging. Omg SO SHY :P Sorry girl, i dont think i can text you in person cos not sure how China network is :(

Day 3 in China:
Visting parks and more parks . Go to Tea house for the Hainan tea and more sight seeing. I think i will get burn out today. So many places to go and relax at the beach. hahaha. life is good man :P But tiring :P , note to self, buy some tea for your Dad :)

Ok more videos :)

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