Wednesday, December 5, 2012

China Trip :) update for a special one :)

 Singapore, 4pm, 5th dec 2012

So yeah, I should be in Changi airport now, about time for the plane to take off. Headed to China, Hai Nan Dao.

I think that special person must be busy playing Maple Story, and nua-ing in from of the computer, really sorry that i have to fly off a few days after your major examinations , i also dont know how come my parents get this flight.

Well, to the special one, yes, im going to do daily updates. And this time , its scheduled posting so that you dont peek at the newer post :P

Somehow, this trip reminds me of the Cambodia trip, but shorter. I definitely will miss you and I know i did not fulfill my roles as a boyfriend when you needed me. And i admit, i'm very selfish. But Somehow, due to certain cause and condition, i realized that actually I really really love you a lot. I really cannot imagine life without you. Somehow, it is becoming a commitment and I really wish we can go out more often and enjoy ourselves. Nuff said about the emo stuff, dont want to make you cry.

Looking forward to this trip , wanna explore more and get to see more of the world. Plus my parents are getting on their age, its really difficult to go overseas in the future.

I think i should be bringing along a photo of you for this trip. So that i know there is this special one waiting for me to come back with presents and also to see me.

I dont know whats the weather there and how the locals are over there, will be following a tour group so i think i should be rather safe. :)

Well, shall post some motivational pictures or funny videos to entertain you :)

Ok Thats all for today, Zai jian :)

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