Saturday, December 8, 2012

China Trip :) post 4 For MICHELLE KOH XIN YI

 Day 4 in China
at the souvenir shop, hoping to get something meaningful for you and your family. Seem like i'm going to a coffee factory to try out the XINGLONG coffee. Then at night, natural hot spring bath :) nice  but damn, i look fat no wait im fat. Hahahaha. Lets throw that ego aside and enjoy life :)

Oh ya, next time when u are older, I think i bring you to Cambodia to try out the massage :) Hot spring bath should be super relaxing :) and i can sleep in peace now :)

Nothing much today, just more forest museum etc etc.  Looking forward to the spa and well one day i will bring you out for massage :) Hahaha.

Eh, go learn the art of massaging , then when i come back help me :) hahahahaha. I know you love me :P  Ok la, i shall make a it a short post so that you dont stay too long on the computer. Go out, jog and gym.  Stay healthy kay. I dont want to see a sick girlfriend when i come back home. Cos it hurts me to see you in pain and suffering :(

Ok more videos

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