Thursday, December 6, 2012

China trip :) post 2 , For this special one :)

Day 2 

Hey Girl,

After breakfast, I'm taking a High speed train ride from Haikou to Sanya. Will be staying in a 5 star hotel btw. With sea view!! hahahaha. Jealous right :P , go there study their history. I think i should be excited but depends if i slept well or not :P

Dont Keep playing maple ok ?? Jio ppl out, go out and enjoy yourself :) Dont be a lazy pig and nua at home :) 2 years of JC really dulled your life, its time to regain back your Sunshine girl character :)

Well, honestly, i wished you were here too :) but then think again, the amount of luggage you need to bring etc, i think need to get a maid over also. hahahaha. :P So far is just sight seeing and all the eco tourism and forest park. I think i will be damn lazy to walk about. So many places to go , i think i might be whining to the tour guide tell he/her wah lau eh so far :P ( sounds familiar ah :P )

Ok la dont sua you already la :P Later you say i bully you. Not sure if my stomach will get used to their food there or not. This sight seeing should give me some time to reflect on my life and what i want to do with it. Well one thing is for sure, no matter what, I will still put you in my priority list. Not just because you are hot/adorable etc. But because of your character. I really dont know how to describe to you your character. Its just too likable.

Talking about likable, reminds me of IKEA somehow. I will bring/pull/drag/kidnap you in a rug sack to IKEA to have lunch. Plus maybe we can shop of furniture for our future home :P (hehehehe thinking too much ). There is so many places i want to bring you, realized we  hardly go out tgt, not that i never date you. But its your fault :P

I think i will really enjoy life without facebook. Too much things to handle on FB and email, needa take a break. Oh ya, and pls pls pls go read up on your econs, i need your help :)

Ok nuff said. More videos :)

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